F2 Factor is more than just a sales consultancy

F2Factor is a consulting practice focused on helping businesses build and execute their plan to add differentiated value and sustainable success to their customers, partners and employees.

It’s purpose-built to be hands-on, role-up-the-sleeves and get involved, and to make a difference in the possibilities of tomorrow while paying attention to the details of today.

As a practice built on experience, a track record of success, and a maniacal focus on creating value as defined by the customer, F2Factor helps you convert your inspiration into results and reach your maximum potential.

Mark Collins is an experienced coach and leader with over twenty years working for global industry leaders such as General Electric, and Cisco in a wide variety of roles from Operations, Product Management, Marketing, Business Development and Sales.

With his hands-on approach, Mark has built a track record of success, winning numerous awards throughout his career, including GE Presidents Club, Cisco’s Chairman’s Club, and Cisco’s Leadership Excellence.

Mark has built multiple $100m franchises within global companies and worked with many start-up and scale-up companies over the years, and he’s genuinely passionate about building win-win partnerships that stand the test of time.

A trusted leader, Mark has taken on leadership roles such as overseeing Cisco corporate activation of the 2015 Pan Am Games, heading up the team to lead Cisco Connect, the largest national IT conference in Canada and performed multiple speaking engagements such as Walrus Talks and the Canadian Marketing Association CMO panel.

Beyond business, Mark is committed to giving back to the community and is a member of the board of Cycling Canada, C4, and AIOT Canada